Colour Starter Kit GOTS
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Colour Starter Kit GOTS

Bases & Pigments
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Mix it by yourself with our add-on system
Base paste + pigment + colour additive > mix it > ready to use

Our waterbased ink mixing system made by CHT is not only ecological and from high quality, it also offers a nearly limitless variety of options and is economical, flexible and user-friendly as well. The wide range of different base pastes provides a perfect fundament for a textile ink system which is individually balanced on your print motive and on the quality of your textiles. Its high ecological standard allows printing on the guidelines of the guidelines of GOTS (global organic textile standard). All of our base pastes are compatible with each other, that means they can be mixed with each other and also be printed one upon the other. Usually the base pastes can be coloured with our Bezaprint colour pigments. The wide range of colours allows mixing of an variety of brilliant hues (HKS, Pantone).

The Clour Starter Kit -Bases&Pigments- includes:
1 x Printperfekt Base ff, Basic paste transparent, 0,45 kg
1 x Printperfekt Lac ff, Basic paste mix white, 1,0 kg
1 x Printperfekt Blanc ff, Basic paste opaque white, 1,0 kg
1 x Bezaprint lemon, liquid pigment, 0,1 kg
1 x Bezaprint red, liquid pigment, 0,1 kg
1 x Bezaprint blue, liquid pigment, 0,1 kg
1 x Bezaprint black, liquid pigment, 0,1 kg

What you should know: aus der Kategoriebeschreibung:We recommend following recipes:

Textile printing:
For printing on light textile
- Transparent base paste (e.g. PP 226) + 3 %  Colormatch pigment
For printing GOTS
- Transparent base paste (e.g. PP base ff) + 3% Bezaprint pigment

For printing on dark textile
- Mix white base paste (e.g. PP lac flex) + 6-10 % Colormatch pigment
For printing GOTS
- Mix white base paste (e.g. PP lac ff) + 6-10 %  Bezaprint pigment

Graphic printing:
- Transparent Base (e.g. Sebastar 840) + 3 % Colormatch pigment
for more intensity you can mix up to 15% of Colormatch pigment.
To get high opaque colours, mix opaque white (e.g. Sebastar 751) inside.