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Neon Yellow

Discharge 460
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  • aus der Artikelbeschreibung: Discharge printing? 80s-Domestos print? Negative print?
    Behind all the names hides one thing:
    Screen printing with water-based ink system Discharge !!
  • Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Colour" für den Wert "Neon Yellow":A yellow from the 80's, hysterical and squeaky
    Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Effect" für den Wert "Neon (Fluor)":

    garish, bright, flamboyant, colorful, there is nothing more to say!
    By the way,
    Neon colors are fluorescent and glow in black light?

    Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Material" für den Wert "Textile":This color is suitable for printing on textile materials.
What you should know
  • aus der Kategoriebeschreibung:

    The discharge printing paste is a special ink that works differently from your normal printing paste. Usually the image is created by the application of the ink to the fibre, wherein this case it is created through colour removal. The two components of the discharge printing paste are the base and the activator which removes the colour pigments from the printing-material.

    What you will see in the result is the original colour of the crude fiber. Meaning, the ink etches the print. As a result, you have a vintage style effect to your work as the appearance has a softened feel on the surface.

    If more colour is what you are looking for?

    Our pre-pigmented versions of the discharge printing paste are not only able to etch, but dye the fiber too.

    Amazing isn?t it?!

    Take note,
    if you work with one of our prepigmented versions you should use our Crosslinker 105 as it helps to prevent the colour from fading in washing temperatures up to 40.


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