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Reflec 701
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    Description: Travel safely through the night...
    Reflection is our water-based screen printing ink that reflects
    What you should know: aus der Kategoriebeschreibung:

    This kind of reflection-colour works by reflecting the light, the brighter the light the brighter and bolder the image.

    The silver colour of the REFLEC system can be printed directly on the material and stays visible at all times. Or, if you prefer there is a transparent version available which is ideal when printing over colour. Our reflection colour series is suitable for printing on textile and also paper materials.

    For this system our Crosslinker 105 has to be used (add 3% of it) in order for the colour to be able to stick on the textile materials!!

    By the way...
    if you use the transparent reflection colour the result can be seen only under light incidence.

    We recommend printing of a "36 - 43" mesh.
    As for the copy layers we recommend you use our waterbased colorsystems. You can use all of our copy layer emulsions from our shop in connection to the reflection color.

    Also, the screens and tools can be cleaned simply with water, just make sure you do it immediately after printing.


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