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High Opaque White GOTS

Printperfekt Blanc 670
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    Printperfekt Blank 670 is our water based and covering white paste which is GOTS-certified. Because of its high white pigmentation it is suitable for white prints on dark textiles.

  • Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Colour" für den Wert "Opaque white":A bright white, pure and fresh
    Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Material" für den Wert "Textile":This color is suitable for printing on textile materials.
What you should know
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    Printperfekt Blanc 670 is our ecological waterbased and covering white paste for printing on dark textiles. This base paste is 100% free from formaldehydes, benzene and APEO. That?s why this base paste is preferably for printing according to the requirements of ÖKO TEX 100 (product group 1) and GOTS (Global organic textile standard).

    White prints done with Printperfekt Blanc 670 are highly covering and very brilliant with a high fastness level. They do have a very soft handle, are flexible and ironable as well. It has an extremely long open time and can be printed in all common screen printing processes. Tubiprint Retarder can be used as a drying retarder.

    Prints with Printperfekt Blanc 670 are drying under normal room temperature conditions, the textiles are stackable after a short time. To get a good wash resistance, you should put dry heat on your textiles with temperatures from 130 C up to 160 C for 10-3 minutes. If these opportunities are not given you can use Tubassist Fix 104W or Fix157W as a cold fix. Good wash resistances can be reached then after storing under normal room temperature conditions for 3-4 days.

    We recommend printing from 36- 77 mesh.

    For the copy layer you should use an emulsion suitable for waterbased coloursystems.

    All emulsions from our shop can be taken.

    You can clean your screens with water, just make sure you do it immediately after the printing process.

    Please note:

    Because of its high white pigmentation this printing paste should be used for pure white prints. If you add our Colormatch-or Bezaprints pigments you will get pastel hues?

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What you should know
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    Textile printing can be so easy..
    ..with Printperfekt, our "easygoing" waterbased colour series that is special for printing on textiles...

    This colour guarantees a secure printing on a high funlevel...

    Printperfekt dries unter room temperature!!! And if you use our "Tubassist FIX 104W" as an cold-fixer, ironing after printing is not needed. The "Fix 104W" also prevents colour fading in washes up to 40. For special detail work on your textiles the "Tubigum Retarder" can be helpful to delay the drying process if needed.

    By the way...
    Printperfekt can be used for printing on cotton and other synthetic materials. The high elasticity of the colour allows for easy printing on delicate materials without risk of tearing or ripping during the printing process. With its high pigmentation you can achieve best results even on dark materials.

    This colorsystem is free from phthalate, formaldehyde,PVC and APEO.
    We recommend to print of "36er-77er" mesh, the copy with a layer specifically for water-based systems.
    All our copy layers are compatible to this colour system.

    Screens and tools can be cleaned with water easily, just make sure you do it immediately after the printing process.