They are coming…the grey and the dreary days…

Safety first in traffic…

With our “reflec” colour safety can be guaranteed…Whether sports-, leisure-, or children´s wear, whether shoulder bags or safety dog necklaces – prints with this ink are giving safety guarantees. Both versions, the silver one and the transparent one as well are common in one aspect- they do have a very high reflective power. The silver one is high opaque and permanent visible. The transparent version is nearly invisible under normal light conditions, but unfolds its full effect under exposure to light. You can also use it for effective overprints in combination with our ”Sebaflex”- system.


Reflec 110 is a waterbased screenprinting colour with a reflection effect. This colour reacts as soon as it is illuminated with light. The colour shade is silver and obviously to see… That´s why it is ideally suited for prints on safety clothes. The transparent version is ideal for using it as an effective overprint. This colour is based on our “Sebaflex-textile-system”, that´s why they are suitable for printing on cotton and many synthetic substrates.

Special properties

  • High reflection power
  • High opacity on the silver version
  • Overprints possible with the transparent version
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Surface ironing resistance
  • Free from phathalates, PVC, APEO, formaldehyde
  • Fulfil the most exigent requirements of the Oeko- Tex- standard Class 1.

Print recommendation

Mesh 36-43


The inks are ready to use


The colours are drying under normal room temperature conditions and they are stackable after a short time.

Important!!! “Crosslinker 105” has to be used to improve the adhesion and wash resistance (add 3%)!!! Fixing the prints can be done in addition with 3 minutes under a temperature of 150°-170°.


Emulsion for waterbased coloursystems is recommended


Water can be used, make sure you do it immediately after the printing process

Ammonia can be used also for cleaning (water ­+ 5 %), rinse with warm water after cleaning process.