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Sebaplast 650
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    Description: A deep black, as black as black.
    - semi opaque colour setting -
    What you should know: aus der Kategoriebeschreibung:

    Screenprinting allows you to print on nearly every material vinyl, timber, posters, paper, sticker, coating materials...

    SEBAPLAST is our water-based universal ink a.k.a. our "All around-talented-ink".
    The special formula allows nearly limitless printing on different materials. This ink is water and weatherproof, allowing you to use it inside and outside, creating a shiny surface that shows brilliant colour results. Printing even the finest of details is possible on multi-coloured surfaces.
    SEBAPLAST is able to reach impressive results providing great coverage without any need for additives. The glazed shades of colour provide diverse options when printing with transparencies.

    The Crosslinker 105 can be used to improve ink adhesion on difficult printing materials.
    We suggest printing tests should be done before!!!

    For work that requires extra attention, our Retarder 032 would be helpful in delaying the drying process to allow for extra time as needed. SEBAPLAST is suitable for printing outside area conditions, for example for posters .

    We recommend to print of a "77-120" mesh.
    For the copy we recommend a special layer for water and solvent-based colour systems.
    The copy layer emulsion 1019 from our shop suits perfectly to this system.

    You can clean your screens and tools with water easily, just make sure you do it immediately after printing.



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