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Quadri Yellow

Sebastar 150
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  • aus der Artikelbeschreibung: Photo printing is easier than you think,
    the colour separation is made first, the rest is a breeze ...
    These inks are translucent on the Euro scale .
  • Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Colour" für den Wert "Quadri yellow":The yellow under the shades of yellow, pure, clear and without nuances
    Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Material" für den Wert "Paper":This color is suitable for printing on paper and cardboard materials.
What you should know
  • aus der Kategoriebeschreibung:

    SEBASTAR is our waterbased screenprinting ink, special for paper and cardboard materials.
    This ink system is characterized  for its high opacity. The matte finish and brilliant surface character is an real eyecatcher...
    each print turns into a special design and provides an excellent printing result. It doesn't matter if you are printing on the finest paper or heavy cardboard, you can provide extremely detailed images of the highest quality without difficulty. There is little to no corrugation or warping of the images.

    By the way...
    when working on images that require extra attention to detail our Retarder 032 can be used to delay the drying process. When working on difficult print substrates, the Crosslinker 105 can be used to improve ink adhesion.

    We recommend to print of "77-120" mesh, the copy with a layer specifically for waterbased coloursystems.
    All our copy layers are compatible to this ink system.

    Screens and tools can be cleaned with water easily, just make sure you do it immediately after the printing process.