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Photochromic 510
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Description: A weather barometer under the effect colours...
This colour reacts to sun light!
Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Material" für den Wert "Paper":This color is suitable for printing on paper and cardboard materials.
Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Colour" für den Wert "Yellow":A yellow colour, reminiscent of the scent of a juicy lemon
What you should know: aus der Kategoriebeschreibung:

Photochromic is our waterbased screenprinting ink system with a photochromic colour-effect.
Under normal light and weather conditions the ink seems to be transparent. If the sun starts shining on the material the motive becomes visible as colour appears. Once the sunlight disappers the ink turns back to its initial invisible state.

The pigments of this ink react on the UV-percentage of sun, and are more or less visible depending on the weather conditions.

Photochromic is available in these variants:
Sebastar Photochromic for printing on paper.
The Crosslinker 105 would be helpful to improve the ink adhesion. 
Our Retarder 032 can be used to help delay the drying process if needed.

Tubvinyl photochromic for printing on textile materials.
Tubassist Fix 104 W can be used as a cold fix with an addition of 2-3 %
For work that requires extra attention, our Tubiprint Retarder would be helpful in delaying the drying process.

By the way...
Photochromic inks also works very well under blacklight conditions.


We recommend to print of "43" mesh, the copy with a layer specifically for waterbased ink systems.
All our copy layers are compatible to this coloursystem.

Screens and tools can be cleaned with water easily, just make sure you do it immediately after the printing process.

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