• Printperfekt Blanc Flex

    Printperfekt Blanc flex is our waterbased and covering print paste for white prints on dark fabrics. Because of its high flexibility Printperfekt Blanc flex is preferably used for printing on flexible and elastic textiles. Even when stretched more than 100 %, its high opacity remains. Furthermore Printperfekt Blanc flex adheres well on a lot of different synthetic materials.

    White prints with Printperfekt Blanc flex are high covering, flexible and extremely brilliant. Next to a high fastness level they do have a soft handle, are sharp- contoured and can be ironed as well. Printperfekt Blanc flex meets the guidelines of the "ÖKO-TEX 100" standard and can be used excellent in the usual way of screenprinting methods.

    Prints with Printperfekt Blanc flex are drying under normal room temperature conditions, the textiles are stackable after a short time. To dry your textile put dry heat with temperatures of 130-160 on them, if these opportunities are not given, Tubassist Fix 104 W can be used as a cold fix with an addition of 2-3 %.

    We recommend printing from a 36-43 mesh.

    The copy should be done with an emulsion preferably for waterbased coloursystems. All screenprinting emulsions from our shop are suitable for this base paste.

    Cleaning your screens with water is nearly no problem, just make sure you do it immediately after the printing process.

    Please note:

    Because of its high white pigmentation this printing paste should be used for pure white prints. If you add our Colormatch-or Bezaprints pigments you will get pastel hues?

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