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Sebapuff 840
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  • aus der Artikelbeschreibung: 70s retro foam print? Three dimensional work on wallpaper or shirts? Our water-based foam allows colour screen prints with handle! The result is a puffed , raised print image with 3D effect !!
  • Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Colour" für den Wert "Base":A base without own color character - colourless and free to artwork with
    Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Material" für den Wert "Textile":This color is suitable for printing on textile materials.
    Beschreibung aus dem Merkmal "Material" für den Wert "Paper":This color is suitable for printing on paper and cardboard materials.
What you should know
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    SEBAPUFF can be used in the same manner as our other ink systems. What is special about SEBAPUFF is that the ink starts to fluff up after you put heat on it, thus the image is raised. If you use it as an underprint, you will get a relief-structured optic.The colour-less base is not tansparent, but appears milky-white in its original tint.

    Please Note. ..
    If you want the raised effect of the ink, you have to put heat on it. The height will depend on how thick you put the ink on the material. The more ink applied the higher the height.

    By the way?
    the ínk works on textile materials as well as it works on paper.

    We recommend the print of a 36-43 mesh, the copy should be printed with a layer specific for waterbased coloursystems. All copy layers from our shop fits to the SEBAPUFF coloursystem.

    Cleaning your screens and tools with water is very easy, just make sure you do it immediately after the printing process.