“Screen printing? That´s quite exciting, fascinating…it´s something I´ve always been interested in” or “It’s something I’ve always wanted to try…”

This is the typical reaction I get from people once they learn what I do for a living, how screen printing is a hobby and passion of mine. What’s so fascinating about this line of work? What’s the magic behind this business that only the idea of screen printing fills your imagination with boundless possibilities?
Is it the creative aspect? – The only limit is your own imagination …


The simplicity? – Anyone is able to print their own shirt, no experience needed …
Or maybe the versatility? - Nearly anything is possible, almost every material or item can be printed …
Last but not least, it’s fun! …“I create my own, my colorful world”
In our modern society, screen printing is a time-honoured craft. Textile, graphic and even industrial printing are advancements of this highly specialized artistry but the basic principle behind this trade remains the same. The process of pulling colours through a mesh with the help of a wiper on a material you choose has not changed over time.
Off the grid but not inaccessable, screen printing is an ageless and concrete business.
Maybe that´s why people are still fascinated by it.

Everybody is able to do screen printing. If you got the basic principle once, the world on screen printing is open to you.
Print your own t-shirts, posters, stickers, bags, postcards, wallpaper, chops, pendants, tags, cubes, scarfs, accessories and more.
Out from mainstream, up to your own creative urges…get infected with the screen printing fever, nothing is impossible, you can make nearly everything, be creative, make the world more colourful.

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