What is important to us

To be a shop, which is inspiring, authentic, transparent and also kind of different. To be a shop, where quality, sustainability and easy application is top priority, that´s what’s important to us, that is the way we want to be.

The “Siebdruck-Corner” only provides products of the highest quality that meet in accordance to our environmental claim. (expand)
Our range of harmonized products are (and what is very important for us) easy and safe to handle, regardless if you are professional (pro) or beginner.


With our specialization of exclusive water-based colour systems we want to set an example and also signal a foresight. To show that water-based colour is more than just textile-printing and go beyond industry standard. Our carefully chosen colour systems defy the constraints of printing. Textiles, paper, pvc, timber, canvas, etc…almost anything is possible.

The best part …water-based colours can be more than “just your standard” colour. Wait and be surprised with our assortment of special effect-colours…be creative, be inspired, make the world more colourful.

By the way
We the “Siebdruckcorner-Team” don´t use our own label. Our products are clearly defined with the names of the original producers. So we can always prove the quality of our products.
In short
We always represent our assortment of products with our heart, best knowledge and conscience.