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  • aus der Artikelbeschreibung: Our screen-printing frames are made in a metal factory near Berlin in Brandenburg. The frames are made of aluminum with a profile of 30x30x2 mm. The single-sided blast cleaning guarantees an optimal adhesion from mesh and frame. The high-quality that is put into these frames guarantees a long shelf life allowing you to re-use them several times. Not only can we string new screen-printing frames but also to re-string broken frames with new mesh. We use we use a high-quality, hard-wearing mesh with long lasting stability. Our screen-printing frames are mechanically glued with a special two-component glue to provide optimal results and can reach a tension of 20 to 25 Newton.
What you should know
  • aus der Kategoriebeschreibung:Guide for your selection:
    36er mesh: for textile printing, ideal for covering prints on dark materials, or printing with glitter and metallic effects
    43er mesh: our all-round mesh for textile printing..
    61er mesh: special for printing fine details on textile materials..
    77er mesh: our all-round- mesh ideal for paper-printing, suitable for CMYK on textile materials..
    90er mesh: our usual mesh for printing on paper and PVC, special for highly detailed prints..
    120er mesh: ideal when working on very fine and detailed prints..