Our Standard for Plastics Sebaplast

Stickers are an eye- catcher, making the world more colourful…Become part of the innitiative “our beautiful city…”Our standard colour “Sebaplast” is giving this option to you. This waterbased screenprinting ink is our waterbased universal colour a.k.a. our “All around-talented-colour”. It allows you to print on nearly every material like vinyl, timber, posters, paper, sticker, coated materials…

Have fun…


Sebaplast 102 is a waterbased sreenprinting colour. The special formula allows nearly limitless printing on different materials.This colour is water and weatherproof, allowing you to use it inside and outside, creating a shiny surface that shows brilliant colour results.

Following substrates can be successfully printed: PVC-self-adhesive foils, rigid PVC, polystyrene (PS), ABS, acrylic (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), some coated metals, static cling material, PVC banner material, paper & board

Special properties

  • High gloss
  • Low odour
  • Bright colours with medium to high opacity
  • Good product resistance
  • Good adhesion on a lot of different materials
  • “Crosslinker 105” (add 2-3 %), can be used to improve the adhesion
  • Colours can be mixed with each other

Print recommendation

Meshes between 90- 120 are suitable for most applications


  • The ink is ready is for use
  • Use 5-7 % water to reduce the viscosity of the ink
  • Use 5-7 % Retarder 032 to slow the drying time


Drying for 20-30 minutes at room temperature, 30-40 seconds through forced tunnel drying with a good air ventilation at 50°C. The drying of the inks happens by evaporation of the presence of water. The drying time will vary according different printing parameters such as film thickness, air ventilation or the different diluents/retarders hat are used. To ensure a good drying and to prevent blocking of the substrates after printing, ensure that there is a good air ventilation system in the tunnel and that the temperature of the drying is not too high.

Product resistance

Sebaplast shows an overall good product resistance. In order to further increase the resistance the ink can be combined with 2-3 % “Crosslinker 105”. Printing tests should be done before. Final adhesion can be tested after the ink has been fully dried and was allowed to cool down, earliest 12-24 hours after printing.


Emulsion for waterbased and solventbased coloursystems is recommended


Water can be used, make sure you do it immediately after the printing process. Ammonia can be used also for cleaning (water ­+ 5 %), rinse with warm water after cleaning


A medium hard 75 shore is recommended


Depending on the Colour, screen to be used, the average coverage is around 40-50 m2 /l