Our Standard for Textile Printperfekt

Do you dream of YOUR perfect T-shirt? ….created by yourself with your individual design? Let your dream come true…Whether for shirts, sweatshirts, scarves or web…

Printperfekt is the perfect ink for cotton and a lot of synthetic materials. This coloursystem is waterbased and very easy to handle. High opaque and elastic it is suitable for printing on light and dark textiles as well as it is suitable for printing on stretch materials…Prints done with this colour are drying under normal room temperature conditions…

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Printperfekt is a waterbased flexible ink formulated for printing on cotton and many synthetic light and dark coloured fabrics. Free from PVC, APEPO and formaldehyde it is formulated to fulfil the most exigent requirements (Oeko Tex Class 1). The high elasticity of the colour allows for easy printing on delicate materials without risk of tearing or ripping during the printing process. With its high pigmentation you can achieve best results even on dark materials. Printperfekt is perfekt for beginners and for professionals as well. “Tubassist FIX 104W” can be used as a fix to increase the wash resistance up to 40°. add 3%.

Special properties

  • Easy to handle
  • Good opacity
  • Highly flexible and stretchable
  • Formulated for printing on cotton and many synthetic materials
  • For printing on nylon “FIX 104W” can be used to improve the resistance (add 3 %)
  • Drying under normal room temperature conditions
  • Ironable
  • Washable up to 40° when using “FIX 104W” (add 3%)
  • Free from phthalates, PVC, APEO, formaldehyde

Printing recommendation

A mesh 34-43 for the thick ink layers, up to 77 for printing finer details


The inks are ready to use. When necessary the inks can be diluted with 5-8% of water or retarder


The inks are drying under normal room temperature conditions and are stackable after a short time. Drying can be done in a heating oven at 150-170° during 3 minutes. “FIX 104W” can be used as a cold fix (add 3 %) and to improve the general washing resistance. The ink/fix mixture has a shelf life of 8 hours.


Emulsion for water based colour systems is recommended


Water can be used, make sure you do it immediately after the printing process.